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Ideal Solutions for Basement Waterproofing Systems

There are several solutions offered for waterproofing for your home’s foundations. These solutions are can be categorized into three main systems of waterproofing. Traditional systems are still available today, as well as the up-to-date basement waterproofing systems that offer protection that is more superior. The systems are tanking as well as interior and exterior water proofing systems.

Interior basement waterproofing

This is a method that is popularly employed. Instead of blocking the water from flowing inside your walls as tanking does, the water is allowed to flow into your house before being channeled away. Interior waterproofing system ensures prompt relief from a leak issue and is simpler to implement. Water may get into your house, but is unnoticeably drained away and does not bring harm. Interior systems are less costly.

Exterior basement waterproofing

These systems have been in function for quite a long time, and…

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