There are many types of services performed by the geotechnical engineer during the actual construction of the project. Examples of these types of services are as follows:

1. Excavation of the foundation

During the construction of the project, the geotechnical engineer will often be asked or required to review the foundation excavation. This type of service involves measuring the dimension of geotechnical elements (such as the depth and width of footings) to make sure that they conform to the requirements of the construction plans. This service is often performed at the same time as the field observation of the foundation bearing conditions, such as confirming the presence of dense soil or intact rock.

In many cases, field observations to confirm bearing conditions and check foundation dimensions will be required by the local building department. In addition, a letter indicating the outcome of the observations must be prepared by the engineer to satisfy the local building department. Building departments often refer to these types of reports as foundation inspection reports. The local building department often considers these reports to be so important that they may not issue a certificate of occupancy until the reports have been submitted and accepted.

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